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From Mountains to Molecules


Welcome to our store! We are the Givite team, a retail outdoor sports optics store located in my beloved hometown. I am a veteran Optical Research and Development Engineer who had spent many years away from my hometown for school and work. However, in 2020, I received a call from my father and learned that my mother had been hospitalized with a spinal fracture due to a household accident, and coincidentally, due to the impact of the New Crown Epidemic, my father was too old and worried that my parents would not be able to wait for better care, so I didn't hesitate to take a leave of absence from work to go home to take care of my parents. Over the next few months, I suddenly realized that time was passing, my parents were not getting any younger, and I was no longer the teenager I once was, looking forward to spending the rest of my life with my family in the future. Based on this desire, I decided to combine my hobbies and the resources of my hometown and started the Givite store.


At Givite, we are committed to providing quality outdoor sports optics and encouraging people to experience the wonders of nature with their families. Our wide range of products encompasses optics for all kinds of outdoor activities. Whether you're a stargazer, an avid nature explorer or an outdoor adventurer, we've got you covered. However, our mission is much more than that. Through our Givite stores, we want to create a community where families are in harmony and people are in tune with nature. We believe that every moment spent with family is valuable and a source of growth and memories.


At Givite, we are committed to providing personalized customer service and ensuring that every interaction is caring and dedicated. Our team is dedicated to assisting you in finding the optics that best fit your needs and make your outdoor experience a memorable one. Thank you for choosing a Givite store to join us. Together, let's cherish the company of our families, explore the beauty of nature, and create our own treasured memories. We look forward to providing you with excellent service and wonderful products.



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